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Student Services

The Academic Services unit within the Cal Poly Athletics Department is committed to providing the best resources and advising available to assist student athletes in achieving their academic and personal goals.


For more information contact the following:

Shannon Stephens
Assistant Athletic Director/ Academic Services
Phone: (805) 756-2762

Carly Head
Academic Advisor
Phone: (805) 756-7036

Louise Torgerson
Academic Advisor
Phone: (805) 756-7041

Kyle Ross
Academic Advisor
Phone: (805) 756-7043


Located in Mott Gym, Rm.205

All Cal Poly student-athletes are encouraged to seek advisement for a number of reasons. 

Advisors are available for:

     Course/curriculum planning
     Graduation planning
     Changing majors/Declaring concentrations
     Academic probation
     Removing holds
     Academic eligibility

Academic advisors are also here to help with other concerns and consider all information to be strictly confidential.

We have an open door policy in that all student-athletes can receive assistance through appointment or walk-in.


One on one tutoring is available for a wide range of subjects, as well as a drop-in service for writing, math, and science.

Tutors are upper division or graduate students who maintain a A/A– in the classes they tutor and meet with student-athletes on a weekly basis.

To Request a Tutor . . . Click Here

Academic Coordinator Program

Academic Coordinators are former student-athletes or graduate students assigned to current student-athletes who may require assistance in the adjustment to collegiate studies.

Coordinators meet with each student-athlete on a regular basis to monitor, assist with, and report the student-athlete’s progress. 

Coordinators provide mentoring in the following areas:

     Effective study skills
     Note taking
     Test Preparation
     Time management
     Goal Planning
     Setting Objectives
     Critical thinking and learning styles

Study Hall/Learning Center

Study hall is an integral part of student-athlete academic services. Most incoming freshmen are required to devote a minimum of 7 hours per week in a monitored environment.

Coaches may require other student-athletes to attend study hall during the week as well.

The learning center gives Cal Poly student-athletes the opportunity to do individual study, group study, work with tutors and counselors, and work in the computer lab on academic assignments.

CHAMPS/Life Skills

Through hands-on involvement, Cal Poly student-athletes gain valuable experience in community service, decision-making, planning, responsibility, and personal growth.

At Cal Poly, we strive to develop the “complete” student-athlete!

We offer scholarship and internship opportunities, career exploration, and      Block P (our student-athlete advisory committee)

Mustang Career Connections

Student-athletes can take part in several programs designed to help them explore career paths and opportunities, including:

     Career Services orientation
     Resume workshops
     Student-athlete resume CD
     Career networking

Career Services Orientation

This is a collaborative effort between Cal Poly career services and Student-athlete services. Student-athletes meet with a career counselor, by class, to develop strategies for career development.

Resume Workshops

A future development of Mustang Career Connections, resume workshops will be provided to assist student-athletes in developing an effective resume for job fairs and interviews.

Student-athletes will be able to work with an individual career counselor to create and/or revamp their resume.

Student-athlete Resume CD

Throughout the year, student-athletes supply an electronic resume to academic services. The resumes are then collected and dispersed at Cal Poly job fairs as well as to over 80 regional businesses. 

Career Networking

Along with three job fair events hosted by Cal Poly, Student-athlete services also provides opportunities for student-athletes to meet and interview with job recruiters on an individual basis.
Companies include:

     E.J. Gallo
     Wells Fargo 
     Maxim Health

Scholarship & Internship Awareness

Scholarship and internship opportunities are posted in and outside of the Student-Athlete Learning Center in Mott Gym.

In addition to those available to the student body, several opportunities for post-graduate grants and student-athlete specific awards are posted.

These include:

     NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
     Dorothy Harris Scholarship
     NCAA Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship
     NCAA Freedom-Forum Sport Journalism Scholarship
     NCAA Women & Ethnic Minority scholarship
     NCAA Giant Steps Award
     NCAA Woman of the Year award
     NCAA Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship

BLOCK P– Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Block P is a collaborative group of student-athletes that serve as an advisory body to the Athletic Administration and a link to current student-athletes.

The purpose of Block P is to increase community service, promote sportsmanship and unity, and elevate Cal Poly attendance and spirit.

Each team is allowed at least one representative, and every student-athlete is encouraged to become involved with Block P.

Please contact Student-Athlete Academic Services for more information.

Campus Resources

Career Services 
Bldg.124, 756-2501
All student-athletes should create a resume before their junior year. Career counselors can provide individual assistance with career exploration, resume development, internships, and career openings.

Mental Wellness 
Bldg.27, rm.136 756-2511
Stressed? Homesick or lonely? Relationship or personal conflicts? A counselor will provide guidance and support in a completely confidential atmosphere.

Sport Psychology 
Bldg.27, rm.136 756-2511
A sport psychologist can help with athletic performance in areas of imagery, goal-setting, and maintaining concentration during performance.

Academic Skills Center 
Bldg.33, rm.290 756-1256
Visit the center to receive assistance with ELM preparation, study group seminars, and supplemental tutors. The ASC provides the opportunity to gain an advantage in difficult subjects.

Disability Resource Center 
Bldg.124, 756-1395
The DRC assists all student-athletes with disabilities, permanent or temporary. Student-athletes who feel they may be at a learning disadvantage may qualify for DRC services.

Student Life and Leadership 
University Union rm.217 756-1405

Black Student Union 
Univeristy Union Rm. 217 756-2476
A proactive organization to promote academic excellence and growth among Black Cal Poly students

LGBT Center 
Bldg. 52T 756-7733
The center’s purpose is to develop a sense of unity, support the Cal Poly academic mission, and raise awareness of issues of gender identity and oppression

Multicultural Center 
University Union Rm. 217 756-2476
The center strives to promote an inclusive community in which diversity is respected and celebrated. Offered programs include those that prepare students to become effective leaders

Women’s Awareness Center
University Union Rm. 217 756-2476
Women’s programs are committed to an environment that promotes growth & educational success for women. Programs include Remember & SAFER.