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Program Profile: Aleks Abrams

Program Profile: Aleks Abrams

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cal Poly men's basketball players write an original piece for each game-day program on which they're featured on the cover. Junior forward Aleks Abrams is the featured Mustang for the program's Saturday, Jan. 6 matchup versus Cal State Fullerton. Game time is 7 p.m. inside Mott Athletics Center.

Time Management

I've learned a lot and have done a lot of growing up since arriving at Cal Poly. During the past four years, the one thing I've learned the most about is time management. It is an important skill to have in everyday life.

As a basketball player, my time management skills have been tested. In order to be successful on and off the court, time management is something I had to improve. I recall traveling during my freshman year and not wanting to open a textbook or do school work because I was focused on games we had. As time progressed, I realized that in order to be successful, I needed to also study on the road. Studying on the road can be difficult, but I found a few ways to be able to accomplish this. Getting ahead of the workload was key, especially if we're traveling later in the week. As an example, I began going to the library on Sundays because I was able to knock out some assignments and start studying early in the week.

I believe better time management skills make me less stressed and lead to playing basketball with a clearer mind. I'm also not thinking about school as much when it comes to game time. Time management, therefore, is probably the biggest key to being successful as a student-athlete.

You have to put just as much effort into the classroom as you put onto the court. Both are equally important, especially if you're earning a degree from a great university like Cal Poly.

Aleks Abrams