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The deadline for player guest ticket requests is 5:00 pm the day before scheduled home athletic events.  The deadline for player guest ticket requests is 5:00 pm the Wednesday before away football games.  Once, the deadline has passed there will not be any alteration allowed to the pass list.

Home Athletic Events: Each player is allotted four complimentary tickets per home athletic event. If a player does not use all four of the tickets, they may be transferred to another player on the team.

Away Athletic Events: Each player is allotted up to four complimentary tickets, depending on the event.

Questions or Problems Contact:
Barbara Martinez
Assistant Athletic Director, Compliance/SWA


NCAA Regulations




16.2.1   Permissible Procedures   Institutional Contests in the Student-Athlete’s Sport. An institution may provide four complimentary admissions per home or away intercollegiate athletics event to a student-athlete in the sport in which the individual participates (either practices or competes), regardless of whether the student-athlete competes in the contest.   Exception - NCAA Championships and Bowl Games. An institution may provide each student-athlete who participates in or is a member of a team participating in a conference championship, NCAA championship or bowl game with six complimentary admissions to all intercollegiate athletics events at the site at which the student (or team) participates. (Adopted: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/96 revised 11/1/01 effective 8/1/02)   Tournaments. Complimentary admissions may be provided to members of the institution’s team for all intercollegiate athletics events in a tournament in which the team is participating, rather than only for the games in which the institution’s team participates. However, the contests must be at the site at which the institution’s team participates.   General Regulations. Complimentary admissions shall be provided only through a pass list for individuals designated by the student-athlete. “Hard tickets” shall not be issued. The institution shall be responsible for this administrative procedure, and the student-athlete’s eligibility shall be affected by involvement in action contrary to the provisions of Bylaws and (i.e., receipt of more than the permissible four complimentary admissions or the sale or the exchange of a complimentary admission for any item of value). (Revised: 1/11/94 effective 8/1/94)   Issuance Procedures. The individual utilizing the complimentary admission must present identification to the person supervising the use of the pass list at the admission gate. The individual then shall be provided a ticket stub or other identification of a specified reserved seat, directed to a specific reserved-seating section or seating area, or treated as a general-admission ticket holder. (Revised 11/1/01 effective 8/1/02)   Institution’s Home Events in Other Sports. An institution may provide admission for each student-athlete to all of the institution’s regular-season home intercollegiate athletics contests in sports other than that in which the student-athlete is a participant, via a printed student-athlete pass or gate list. Proof of identity shall be required upon admission   Complimentary Admissions to an Institution’s Home Contest Honoring a Student-Athlete. An institution may provide a maximum of three complimentary admissions to a student-athlete for an institution’s game or contest during which a student-athlete is being honored but not participating, provided such complimentary admissions are used by the student-athlete’s parents, legal guardians and/or spouse. (Adopted: 4/27/00 effective 8/1/00)


16.2.2   Nonpermissible Procedures   Sale of Complimentary Admissions. A student-athlete may not receive payment from any source for his or her complimentary admissions and may not exchange or assign them for any item of value.   Payment to Third Party. Individuals designated by the student-athlete to receive complimentary admissions are not permitted to receive any type of payment for these admissions or to exchange or assign them for any item of value. Receipt of payment for complimentary admissions by such designated individuals is prohibited and considered an extra benefit.   Student-Athlete Ticket Purchases.  An institution may not provide a special arrangement to sell a student-athlete ticket(s) to an athletics event. Tickets shall be available for purchase by student-athletes according to the same purchasing procedures used for other students.   Sale Above Face Value. A student-athlete may not purchase tickets for an athletics contest from the institution and then sell the tickets at a price greater than their face value.