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129 Cal Poly Student-Athletes Earn Big West Commissioner’s Honors

129 Cal Poly Student-Athletes Earn Big West Commissioner’s Honors

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — A total of 129 student-athletes representing Cal Poly earned 2019-20 Big West Commissioner’s Honor Roll accolades for their academic performance, the conference office announced Monday.

The list bestows the honors into three categories: Honor Roll (for cumulative GPAs of 3.0 to 3.2), With Honors (overall GPAs of 3.21 to 3.5), and Highest Honors (3.51-4.0):

2020 Big West Commissioner’s Honor Roll • Cal Poly

Highest Honors
Erika Foreman (Beach Volleyball)
Tiadora Miric (Beach Volleyball)
Delaney Peranich (Beach VB/Women’s T&F)
Sage Casaga (Men’s Golf)
Adil Singh (Men’s Golf)
Karthik Padmanabhan (Men’s Tennis)
Thomas Andrews (Men’s Track)
Nathan Bustos (Men’s Track)
James Doolittle (Men’s Track)
Jason Lewis (Men’s Track & Field)
Kheva Mann (Men’s Track)
Colin Masterson (Men’s Track & Field)
Bailey Thayer (Men’s Track & Field)
Anthony Benitez (Men’s XC/Track)
John Bennett (Men’s XC/Track)
Justin Robison (Men’s XC/Track)
Sarah Wulff (Softball)
Aimee Armstrong (Women’s Cross Country)
Miranda Daschian (Women’s Cross Country)
Kaia Hoak (Women’s Cross Country)
Elizabeth Scholtes (Women’s Golf)
Sophia Brown (Women’s Soccer)
Ava Dorvillier (Women’s Soccer)
Heather Huene (Women’s Soccer)
Claire Bouquet (Women’s Tennis)
Susanne Boyden (Women’s Tennis)
Sierra Birade (Women’s Track & Field)
Emma Coleman (Women’s Track & Field)
Abi Rahman-Davies (Women’s Track & Field)
Cassidy Hubert (Women’s Track)
Ann Caroline Kaseberg (Women’s Track)
Erin Moss (Women’s Track)
Molly Ross (Women’s Track & Field)
Julianna Ruotolo (Women’s Track & Field)
Brooke Tjerrild (Women’s Track & Field)
Hana Welsh (Women’s Track & Field)
Peyton Bilo (Women’s XC/Track)
Colleen McCandless (Women’s XC/Track)
Annie Meeder (Women’s XC/Track)
Claudia Miller (Women’s XC/Track)
Amanda Olla (Women’s XC/Track)
Chase Worthen (Women’s XC/Track)
Maia Dvoracek (Volleyball)
Jessica McRoskey (Volleyball)
Emma Reynolds (Volleyball)
Taylor Rose (Volleyball)

With Honors
Mark Armstrong (Baseball)
Macy Gordon (Beach Volleyball)
Brayden Gruenewald (Beach Volleyball)
Eleonore Johansen (Beach Volleyball)
Olivia Lee (Beach Volleyball)
Emily Sonny (Beach Volleyball)
Tuukka Jaakkola (Men’s Basketball)
Cade Casaga (Men’s Golf)
Peter Faragia (Men’s Golf)
Andrew Robertson (Men’s Soccer)
Alexander Stater (Men’s Tennis)
Adam Gockel (Men’s Track & Field)
John Walther (Men’s Track & Field)
William Fallini-Haas (Men’s XC/Track)
Benjamin Holland (Men’s XC/Track)
Elias Opsahl (Men’s XC/Track)
Jake Ritter (Men’s XC/Track)
Stephanie Best (Softball)
Shelby Jeffries (Softball)
Brianna Holt (Women’s Basketball)
Malia Holt (Women’s Basketball)
Alicia Roufosse (Women’s Basketball)
Madison Vick (Women’s Basketball)
Delaney Fitzsimmons (Women’s Cross Country)
Sidra Bugsch (Women’s Soccer)
Emma Hotaling (Women’s Soccer)
Brooke Rubinstein (Women’s Soccer)
Sydney Spina (Women’s Soccer)
Kimberely Bhunu (Women’s Tennis)
Michelle Chandler (Women’s Track)
Shelby Daniele (Women’s Track)
Caice Lanovaz (Women’s Track & Field)
Kayla Myers (Women’s Track & Field)
Julia Vezaldenos (Women’s Track & Field)
Sierra Brill (Women’s XC/Track)
Peyton Candaele (Women’s XC/Track)
Abigail Fisk (Women’s XC/Track)
Anna Hicks (Women’s XC/Track)
Catherine Ratliff (Women’s XC/Track)
Torrey Van Winden (Volleyball/Beach VB)
Nicole Cavote (Volleyball)
Avalon DeNecochea (Volleyball)
Nikki Jackson (Volleyball)
Meredith Phillips (Volleyball)
Jamie Stivers (Volleyball)

Honor Roll
Cole Cabrera (Baseball)
Bo Henderson (Baseball)
Jayelin Lombard (Beach Volleyball)
Hank Hollingsworth (Men’s Basketball)
William Draper (Men’s Golf)
Dominick Hoover (Men’s Golf)
Zachary DiDonato (Men’s Soccer)
Daniel Klemm (Men’s Soccer)
Antoine Noel (Men’s Tennis)
Andrew Whitehouse (Men’s Tennis)
Thomas Heib (Men’s Track)
Bailey Jones (Men’s Track & Field)
Robert Poynter (Men’s Track)
Charles Cook (Men’s XC/Track)
Brett Hickman (Men’s XC/Track)
Krystyna Allman (Softball)
Hailey Martin (Softball)
Noellah Ramos (Softball)
Kirsty Brown (Women’s Basketball)
Hannah Peterson (Women’s Basketball)
Gianna Silvestri (Women’s Basketball)
LaJeanne Smith (Women’s Basketball)
Madison Demijohn (Women’s Soccer)
Molly Monroe (Women’s Soccer)
Brooke Oleson (Women’s Soccer)
Jordan Patane (Women’s Soccer)
Georgina Stiegeler (Women’s Soccer)
Emily Talmi (Women’s Soccer)
MacKenzie Worsnop (Women’s Tennis)
Shimona Draper (Women’s Track)
Sydney Jaques (Women’s Track & Field)
Dana Kumamoto (Women’s Track & Field)
Mikaela Romanini (Women’s Track)
Melodie Leroudier (Women’s XC/Track)
Presley Roldan (Women’s XC/Track)
Mikaela Dickson (Volleyball)
Madilyn Mercer (Volleyball)
Lea Ungar (Volleyball)