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With the publication of these brand and graphics guidelines, we introduce the Cal Poly Athletics identity standards system. Comprised of a new logo as well as refined colors and typefaces, this brand identity is being introduced to underscore the Athletics Department's commitment to a strategic direction that is anchored to athletic and academic excellence. This core essence includes strength of character, exceptional performance in the classroom and on the field of play, a heritage of excellence, forward thinking and an unbridled spirit that seeks challenge. Critical to the successful implementation of the identity will be its consistent application. Therefore, it is required that when applying the identity to Athletics Department assets the identity must meet the specifications outlined in the below manual. Before anyone is given authorization to apply the identity to any asset, written sign-off must be secured.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Murray Brand Communications, Inc. for the work they did on our behalf designing the new and modified logos along with creating the departments brand and graphic guidelines. Thank you in advance for reviewing our brand and graphics guidelines.

Don Oberhelman
Director of Athletics

To review the Brand and Graphic Guideline click below:

Cal Poly Athletics Brand and Graphics Guidelines (pdf)

For more information contact:

Chris Baker
Associate Athletics Director, External Relations
Phone: 805-756-7188
Fax: 805-756-2255