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Cal Poly Statement

Due to violations of NCAA legislation, the NCAA Committee on Infractions has placed California Polytechnic State University on probation for two years, from April 18, 2019 through April 17, 2021. During the probationary period, we are required to send this information to all prospective student-athletes prior to their official campus visit or signing the National Letter of Intent. Below is a summary of the circumstances and violation:

(1)        During October 2015, Cal Poly attended a financial aid summit hosted by the Big West Conference and attended by a representative from the NCAA's Academic and Membership Affairs (AMA) staff. The information from this summit prompted Cal Poly to review its financial aid procedures. The review revealed that Cal Poly had incorrectly awarded the $800 cash stipends for books to numerous student-athletes over several years.

(2)        During Fall 2016, Cal Poly started processing and self-reporting the findings of the review to the NCAA.

(3)        Cal Poly was told by the NCAA that reporting was to cover the years from 2012-13 academic year through the 2015 fall quarter.

(4)        Over the four-year period covered, it was discovered that 72 student-athletes received funds that exceeded the actual books costs, averaging $224 per student-athlete.

(5)        It is important to note, that Cal Poly discovered the accounting error and promptly reported the error to the NCAA.  Many of the facts are not in dispute. However, Cal Poly disagrees with the penalties levied, including the necessity of this letter, in what Cal Poly believes should be considered a minor oversight. Cal Poly is currently in the process of appealing this violation.

(6)        No penalties impact Cal Poly teams going forward. There are NO scholarship reductions or limitations, there are NO postseason bans, and nothing else from the NCAA will impact Cal Poly and future success.

Penalties were assessed against California Polytechnic State University, which, in addition to the probationary period, include a financial penalty and public reprimand. Detailed descriptions of the violations and all penalties are contained in the Public Infractions Decision (April 18, 2019).

In 2016, Cal Poly addressed these violations with the following actions:

-           All financial aid tenders have been corrected to specify how required books and supplies are handled

-           The University and athletics personnel have attended additional compliance/financial seminars conducted by the NCAA and Big West Conference to understand and administer financial and required books within the rules.