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Intercollegiate athletics shall be an integral part of the educational program of the university and, as such, shall be guided by the same purposes and general objectives set forth for curricular and co-curricular programs of the University. Cal Poly is committed to providing a broad based, high quality, competitive, NCAA Division I athletic program that affords student-athletes opportunities to take advantage of Cal Poly's unique "learn by doing" philosophy. The program will demonstrate the positive values of physical activity, learned skills, teamwork, dedications to excellence, and sportsmanship acquired by active participants. The intercollegiate athletics department will take reasonable steps to ensure that the educational objectives and academic progress of student athletes shall be supported. Wherever possible, the athletic department will seek to provide opportunities to involve students in meaningful learning experiences related to their academic disciplines.

Intercollegiate athletics, in all dimensions, must be consistent with the educational and ethical goals of the university, and must strive to promote the moral and ethical values reflected in all university programs. The department shall provide a program which promotes the positive values of physical activity, learned skills, dedication to excellence, and sportsmanship acquired through participation. Cal Poly will operate its athletic program with integrity and in full compliance with institutional, conference and NCAA guidelines. Student-athletes, coaches and staff are expected to compete with honesty, sportsmanship, and fair play at all times within the guidelines of amateur athletics.

Intercollegiate athletics shall take all reasonable steps to safeguard the physical welfare of student-athletes. Whenever possible, competition should be sought with institutions whose athletic programs are generally comparable to those of the university in terms of competitive resources (i.e. scholarships, coaching staff, etc.) in the particular sport being contested.

The department of athletics shall provide equitable opportunities for all students and staff, including women and minorities.

The athletic program will provide a form of educational activity which is traditionally accepted as a part of collegiate life, and which provides a common rallying point for a diversified student body, faculty, staff, and alumni. The program will strive to generate interest in the university within the local community, the state, and the nation.

Student athletes shall be made aware of the important responsibilities they accept when they become members of Cal Poly's athletic teams. These responsibilities include performing at an optimum level both academically and athletically, giving their best efforts toward the success of their team, and conducting themselves in a manner which will reflect well on themselves, their team, and Cal Poly. The student-athlete will recognize that these responsibilities may require sacrifices which may not be necessary were they not student-athletes.